The Company

Snowchicken Limited was formed in April 2000 to provide computing, and in particular Internet, solutions to businesses.

The company was formed to help businesses exploit the opportunities that new and existing technologies can offer.

The People

For many years, the directors of Snowchicken Limited have been at the cutting edge of innovation, implementing robust solutions using state of the art technologies.

David Lanning

After graduating from Kent University with a degree in Computing, Operations Research and Statistics, David's first IT role was in 1989 as a developer then Senior Analyst for Multum Systems Limited - a supplier of IT services to the electrical distribution and on-line services industries.

In 1994 he joined The Infocheck Group Limited - an on-line information provider - as project manager, eventually becoming a development manager then IT Director in 1997.

When The Infocheck Group Limited was acquired by Equifax PLC , David became the IT strategist for Equifax, tasked with designing and managing core IT projects including implementing XML as the standard for data delivery Equifax web site and its commercial gateway.

Alan Douglass

In 1987, Alan started working for British Telecom PLC, managing and developing telephone marketing and production systems.

In 1992 he worked for O'Rourke Construction PLC developing production and accounting applications.

In 1994, Alan joined The Infocheck Group Limited starting as Senior Analyst, then becoming Internet Development Manager in 1996.

When Equifax acquired the Infocheck Group, Alan's role was as Solutions Consultant providing Internet and e-commerce expertise to the group as well as providing consultancy services both to the Equifax PLC group and its blue chip customers.